Women In XR Venture Fund

We exist to elevate women leaders in immersive tech. 


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The WXR Venture Fund

The WXR Fund invests in startups in the XR industry that are committed to balanced gender representation. We also provide community infrastructure to support women leaders in immersive tech.

Our investment thesis is rooted in both social and economic impact. We aim to build a more inclusive industry from the ground up as well as leverage the unique economic opportunities created by current demographic imbalances.

We recently announced our 2nd Cohort! Meet the WXR Founders here.

Only 2% of venture capital was invested in female founders in 2017.


We must do better.

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WXR Community

The emerging immersive tech industry is predicted to become a $100B+ industry over the next several years. We have an enormous opportunity to level the playing field.

Our robust programming amplifies our investment impact:

  • WXR Pitch Showcases

  • Community events

  • Curated WXR Mentorship Program

  • Educational content and industry news


This All-Female Founders Pitch Event Was Held in VR


WXR Mentorship Program 

Women make up only 20% of the tech industry, and often have less access to mentors. We pair our WXR Founders with Mentors for quarterly-long mentorship commitments. 

The WXR Fund's Mentorship Program helps connect women in VR/AR/XR industry with mentors to expand networks, give guidance, and accelerate success. 

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