WXR Fund invests in two of the greatest opportunities of our time: the future of computing and female entrepreneurs.

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The WXR Venture Fund

WXR is an early stage investor in companies leveraging spatial computing and artificial intelligence that are transforming businesses and human interaction. We invest in women leaders that are changing the way products are built and companies are run. The WXR Fund is at the intersection of the unique convergence of these growing areas.


Spotlight on WXR Companies

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WXR Mentorship Program 

Women make up only 20% of the tech industry, and often have less access to mentors. We pair our WXR Founders with Mentors for quarterly-long mentorship commitments. 

The WXR Fund's Mentorship Program helps connect women in VR/AR/XR industry with mentors to expand networks, give guidance, and accelerate success. 

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