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Meet the Founders of the

2nd WXR Cohort

re-Arita Sethi-Equally-WXR-WXR Venture Fund-WXR Fund 2.png

Arjita Sethi

re-Angela Robert - Conquer Experience-WXR-WXR Venture Fund-WXR Fund-.png

Angela Robert
Conquer Experience

re-Veena Somareddy-Neuro Rehab VR-WXR-WXR Fund-WXR Venture Fund.png

Veena Somareddy
Neuro Rehab VR


re-Lisa Wong-Binary Bubbles-WXR-WXR Fund-WXR Venture Fund.png
re-Carrie Shaw-Embodied Labs-WXR-WXR Venture Fund-WXR Fund.png

Carrie Shaw
Embodied Labs

re-Sophie Howe - Xesto-WXR-WXR Fund-WXR Venture Fund.png

Sophie Howe

re-Rosario Ballesteros Casas-VR Americas-WXR-WXR Venture Fund-WXR Fund.png

Rosario Ballesteros Casas
VR Americas

re-Neha Singh-Obsess-WXR-WXR Fund-WXR Venture Fund.png

Neha Singh


2nd WXR Pitch Showcase
@ AWE 2018 - June 1st

The WXR Fund partners with the Augmented World Expo (AWE) to host 2nd WXR Pitch Showcase and launch 2nd WXR Cohort featuring Top XR Female Founders  

Come cheer on Top XR Founders when they pitch their startups to a panel of industry leaders and investors at the 2nd WXR Pitch Showcase at AWE. 

AWE's commitment to gender parity exemplifies the support we are seeing from the overall XR community to build an inclusive foundation for the immersive technology industry. This moment in time is a unique opportunity to shape the industry in ways that could have profound ripple effect moving forward. Amplifying the voices of women leaders and allies at events like AWE is a crucial part of building a more inclusive world at large as we work together on the future of computing.