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WXR Companies

The WXR Fund hosts a virtual accelerator program comprised of a curated mentorship program, focused learning seminars, speaking and media opportunities, and a founder community framework to support pre-seed spatial computing and AI companies.

Within weeks of announcing our first accelerator applications in late 2017, our initial cohort received hundreds of applications of various industries, sizes, and stages.  All these teams had a few things in common: access to venture funding was limited based on network or geography, access to committed mentors relevant to them was missing, and access to corporate partners was challenging.

At the same time, the WXR Fund put out a call for mentors to volunteer their time and expertise with startup founders for a 10-week period. Hundreds of applicants from top companies such as Google, Microsoft, Magic Leap, Facebook, Warner Brothers, and more applied to participate as mentors to the cohort.  The mentors and start-up founders were matched, and some continue to work together today. The initial cohort kicked off with a virtual pitch showcase-- making history as one of the first-ever investing themed events held in a social VR space.  

By the end of 2018, 16 startups had completed the WXR Fund Accelerator program. These female founders’ companies range in focus from retail to education to medical to industrial industries. The WXR Accelerator founders have pitched VCs, participated in content series with industry leaders through our content and event programming, and worked with our WXR mentors to hone their business models and continue evolving as strong leaders.

Meet the fantastic companies to graduate the WXR Accelerator below.




Alchemie creates innovative, digital learning technology for students from grades 7 through 16. Making intuitive learning both accessible and affordable for students everywhere, Alchemie transforms traditional pedagogy into game-based learning modules.



Equally is building the future of kids’ physical wellbeing and edutainment with physically active and social experiences. Their product DaVinci Club AR is an augmented reality entertainment platform with which children physically move and explore the real world with their friends while learning about language, culture, and environment.

Health & Wellness

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Conquer Experience

Conquer Experience is a digital experience company focused on delivering ‘Education as an Experience’™. Their award-winning product PeriopSim is built on their proprietary Experience Platform and has been used in over 200 North American Hospitals, saving dollars and improving patient safety from day one. PeriopSim is the subject of the top ranking international peer reviewed academic research paper on BMC Medical Education.

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Embodied Labs

Embodied Labs offers VR training that enables health care providers to step into the perspective of the patient or their care team. The company activates transformational cultural change in long term care, home health, government, non-profit, and academic organizations by changing the way professional and family caregivers view — and care for — older adults.


Neuro Rehab VR

Neuro Rehab VR creates immersive rehabilitative games customized for patients who have suffered a stroke or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Patients show improvements after only 2 to 3 sessions of Neuro Rehab’s applications, and are even able to continue their therapy at home with portable immersive devices. 



StoryUP’s Healium product is a biometrically-controlled, drugless solution for stress— a therapeutic media product powered by the user's feelings via wearables. Brain patterns and heart rate control these virtual and augmented reality experiences. Frontiers in Psychology and the Journal of Neuroregulation both published studies on Healium’s ability to quickly reduce anxiety and increase feelings of positivity in as little as four minutes using real-time EEG feedback and heart rate. Healium is used worldwide in areas of acute, workplace, or situational stress and will soon be on 28 airlines to calm passengers on long haul flights.


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Vantage Point

Vantage Point is a sexual harassment training tool focused on identifying sexual harassment, individual response training, bystander intervention (passive, active), and sexual harassment stigma training. Their clients are HR departments within corporate companies via annual software license renewals. Through providing the most effective and scalable tools, Vantage Point can reduce financial liabilities associated with corporate sexual harassment and sexual conduct mishandling, increase employee retention and productivity, and create a safer working environment.

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VR Americas

New technologies and automation will force over 350 million people to switch jobs and train for new skills and collaboration with technology. VR Americas prepares for that future by developing solutions with immersive reality & AI for job training and operations in industrial and commercial applications.

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FutureSight AR

Future Sight AR provides augmented reality work instructions to field engineers & construction workers in the oil, gas & chemical (OG&C) industry. Their clients can save up to 80% of rework and millions of dollars in lost production days and liquidated damages. FutureSight’s technology keeps projects lean, efficient and safe; vendors and standards organizations partner with them to provide the best service and stay competitive in a contracting market.




With more than a million selfies clicked everyday and the exponential growth of AR apps, camera marketing is the next wave of advertising. HypeAR is an easy-to-integrate advertising platform for developers and advertisers to deliver AR ads. The company is helping build the next wave of camera-first marketing with best in class tools and giving brands and creators the opportunity to showcase their products in a new light.


Obsess AR

Obsess is an Augmented & Virtual Reality shopping platform for Experiential E-commerce. They enable brands and retailers to create mobile AR, MR and VR shopping experiences and virtual stores that run on their proprietary 3D Commerce Cloud platform.


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Living Popups

Living Popups is an interactive content platform and media company bringing together IC, AR/VR, and EQ. The company creates personalized and impactful content powered by immersive technology in verticals like education, travel, museums, entertainment, gaming, events, and advertising.



PopBase is a personalized, interactive fan club that engages with consumers, anytime, anywhere through applied game mechanics. PopBase is key to a future where brands of any size can be always interactive, magical, and authentic.



SVRF is the first search engine for immersive content for virtual reality and augmented reality. SVRF is the go-to destination for consumers to search and discover all immersive content (360/3D/AR), by indexing the best and most popular immersive content across the web.

Developer Tools



Xesto builds device-agnostic PaaS to let developers & creators quickly train machine learning models to respond to gestures. These gestures can be seamlessly integrated into applications (like an interactive dashboard or an AR/VR experience) through an API for quick and accurate gesture recognition software.